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Discover How Outplacement Services Can Help Nonprofits Generate Savings and Foster Goodwill

Is your nonprofit facing seasonal employment or in fear of funding cuts?

Marilyn Stemper, National Director of CareerArc, will reveal how nonprofits who are utilizing outplacement services can more effectively reduce unemployment claims costs while establishing goodwill among former employees.

Outplacement services can help your former employees find new jobs quickly, with:
  • Online & on-demand professional career coaching
  • Interactive, flexible resume building and job search tools
  • Networking guides and automated social media searches
  • Interview tips and practice tools
As a nonprofit, every dollar that you're not paying in unemployment benefits is a dollar in support of your mission. Watch this informative webinar and learn how you can generate great savings and goodwill!

About UST
The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) helps lower the cost of nonprofit unemployment claims and provides a live HR hotline and outplacement services. Last year, UST found more than $2.8 million in potential Unemployment Cost Savings for nonprofits. Find out how much you can save by requesting an Unemployment Cost Analysis.

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