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Exclusive Ways for Nonprofits to Fund Health and Unemployment Insurance

These days, the traditional models of health and unemployment insurance are cost-prohibitive for many nonprofits. In fact, many nonprofit organizations are moving away from the traditional models of insurance to lower costs, mitigate risk and to improve health equity for staff.

New solutions exist and it’s imperative that you understand which solutions can best protect your assets.

Concern over unpredictable cost increases and unsustainable demands on HR's time has driven innovation on the part of UST and Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, who want to shake up the current system for the better.

This educational webinar will reveal how to:
  • Tap into the savings of self-funded insurance products without financial exposure
  • Better control unemployment claims and health insurance cost increases
  • Safeguard your nonprofit's funding without liability
  • Avoid costly HR mistakes
  • Benchmark unemployment and health insurance costs

About UST
The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) helps nonprofit organizations save vital dollars through a variety of program options suited for both tax-rated and reimbursing employers. Last year, UST found more than $2.8 million in potential Unemployment Cost Savings for nonprofits. Find out how much you can save by requesting a FREE Unemployment Cost Analysis.

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