2019 UST Nonprofit UI Toolkit

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When you download the UI Toolkit, you'll receive exclusive access to unemployment claims management tips, how-to-guides and an informative webinar recording. Plus, you can learn about best practices for unemployment compensation and the ideal approach to take when dealing with unemployment hearings.

You can also take advantage of the unemployment cost analysis form in the UI Toolkit to benchmark your current unemployment claims expenses and get a free 2-year savings projection from a dedicated UST Cost Advisor.

We've put together our top guides for managing nonprofit unemployment risk:

  • Best Practice Tips - Keys to Unemployment Compensation
  • Webinar Recording: Unemployment & HR Risk Management with UST
  • Unsatisfactory Job Performance vs. Willful Misconduct
  • Unemployment Hearings - Just the Facts
  • Understanding Unemployment Insurance
  • Controlling Unemployment Costs
  • Employee Considerations
  • Unemployment Cost Analysis Form

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