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2019 Innovative Nonprofit Retention Strategies

In order to achieve stability, nonprofits need to build and reinforce the steadfast support of a dedicated staff. Discover how to withstand the ravages of financial, strategic and geopolitical uncertainties by overcoming retention barriers such as economic competition from other employers.

Download UST's eBook to discover the top 5 strategies to employee engagement practices that help to foster a desirable workplace. You'll also learn about:

  • Compensation benchmarking tactics
  • Creative benefit options
  • Employee engagement initiatives

This ebook will help you to sustain your organization's workforce and remain competitive in today's ever evolving employee marketplace. Download your free copy today!

About UST

The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) helps lower the cost of nonprofit unemployment claims and provides a live HR hotline and outplacement services. Last year, UST found more than $3.8 million in potential unemployment cost savings for nonprofits. Find out how much you can save by requesting an Unemployment Cost Analysis.

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