2020 UST Nonprofit HR Toolkit

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When you download the HR Toolkit, you'll get updated 2020 state and local minimum wage data and recordkeeping requirements, as well as a variety of checklists to ensure compliance. Plus, learn about the facts surrounding COVID-19 laws and the latest workplace protocol.

You can also take advantage of the program evaluation form in the HR Toolkit to find out how UST can help your nonprofit maximize its full potential.

We've put together our Top 10 guides for 2020 Nonprofit Human Resources:

  • State and Local Minimum Wages
  • Federal Recordkeeping Requirements
  • ACA Employer Compliance Checklist
  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
  • COVID-19 Fact vs. Fiction
  • Employee Handbook Self-Audit
  • Involuntary Termination Checklist
  • New Employee Onboarding Checklist
  • Webinar Recording: Preparing for Re-Entry to the Workplace
  • UST Program Evaluation Form    

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