2021 Nonprofit Sector Report

A Survey of Nonprofit Executives & Leadership Staff

Unveil the Pandemic's Impact on Workforce Evolution

Are you curious to discover how nonprofits have pivoted strategies in response to COVID-19 and how this pandemic is causing permanent change across the sector?

With over 400 survey respondents—representing a wide variety of nonprofits from across the U.S.—this report illustrates how the sector withstood the hardships caused by the crisis. Download the report to learn:

  • How COVID-19 impacted staffing levels, demand for services & employee benefits
  • The trend of vaccination mandates instituted by employers
  • The most challenging workforce issues nonprofits are currently facing
  • Key strategies that nonprofit leaders plan to prioritize after the pandemic subsides

This $99 report ($49 for UST Members) will provide valuable insight on how nonprofit organizations are navigating the ongoing challenges that have arisen throughout the pandemic.

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