Recruitment & Retention Toolkit

Designed Exclusively for Nonprofit Employers

When you download the Recruitment and Retention Toolkit, you'll gain access to a recruiting checklist, workplace flexibility fundamentals, and interview best practice tips—all designed to help nonprofit employers navigate the many facets of hiring and retaining top performers. 

Plus, you'll have access to two on-demand webinars, which provide essential tips for building a strong nonprofit brand as well as ways to establish (and sustain) a learning culture that improves overall organizational efficacy.

We've put together our Top 10 Recruitment & Retention Resources for Nonprofit Employers:

  • Recruitment Checklist
  • Recruitment Sources
  • Creating and Managing Job Descriptions
  • Interviewing 101
  • Pre-Employment Inquiry Do's and Don'ts
  • Essential Employee Training Topics
  • Creative Workplace Benefits
  • Workplace Flexibility Fundamentals
  • Webinar Recording: Enhance Your Nonprofit Brand
  • Webinar Recording: Employee Development and Training

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