The Changing Nonprofit Workforce Bundle

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Resources that Help Create a Sustainable Workforce

No matter where society struggles or how much change comes to your nonprofit, everything always comes down to the people who form your team and support your community. If you lack the flexibility and resilience to redirect perilous forces such as socioeconomic upheaval, a pandemic, or a workforce revolution, your organization runs the risk of collapse.

In order to achieve stability, nonprofits need to reinforce the steadfast support of a dedicated staff. Download UST's Changing Nonprofit Workforce bundle to uncover strategies that can help your nonprofit create (and sustain) a resilient workforce.

In this Bundle, you'll discover:

  • Tips for navigating the talent gap crisis
  • Hiring and onboarding best practices
  • Ideas for addressing employee burnout and what you can do to help
  • Ways to strengthen your employee development strategies
  • And much more

This $19 bundle ($9 for UST Members) will provide valuable insight on how nonprofit organizations can achieve sustainability while supporting their current workforce.

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