Overwhelmed by HR paperwork, deadlines, or legal concerns?

UST provides expert, virtual HR resources.

Supporting the nonprofit community since 1983, UST helps 501(c)(3) employers maximize their full potential by providing access to a suite of robust HR tools. With access to virtual employee training courses, a live HR Hotline and an online claims dashboard, you can maintain compliance in all HR matters—without the costly legal consultation.

From offering HR policy updates to providing you thousands of downloadable HR forms and checklists, UST's goal is to simplify your job.

UST offers a wide variety nonprofit workforce solutions, including:

  • Live HR Hotline Staffed by Certified Experts
  • Virtual Employee Training Courses
  • Thousands of Downloadable HR Templates
  • Online Claims Dashboard and Reporting
  • State-Specific Unemployment Claims Advice
  • Unemployment Hearing Representation
  • Award-Winning Outplacement Services

If you have 10 or more employees, fill out the Cost Analysis form on the right to find out if UST can make your employees’ lives just a little bit easier.

Let UST sweat the small stuff so your nonprofit can focus on fostering an engaged, productive workforce.

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