Workforce Solutions for Nonprofits

UST is committed to partnering with the nation's leading nonprofit membership organizations.

You want your funding to go to your mission, but you may be losing dollars to your operations in surprising ways. With over 40 years of serving nonprofits, UST has the expertise and tools to help you uncover hidden savings and prioritize your mission.

Your membership organization has partnered with UST to bring you a wide variety of HR and Workforce Solutions designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations, including:

  • UST Trust can help direct reimbursing employers save up to 60% on unemployment costs and prepare for future unemployment costs via a self-funded reserve, while also providing access to expert HR tools, claims management services, hearing representation, e-Filing, and outplacement services.
  • UST Support provides access to our most popular unemployment and HR management tools, while allowing direct reimbursing participants to maintain full control of their funding. (UST Support also provides several key features specifically designed for tax-rated employers—this includes rate forecasting, which is an aid used to help with budgeting and cash flow management).
  • UST Secure is a fully insured program that provides full coverage for all claims within the year, as well as access to claims management tools, certified HR guidance and award-winning outplacement services.

Member Benefit: Through your membership, you'll receive a monthly $20 savings off the standard rate for access to the UST HR Workplace platform as a stand-alone product! (For those interested in unemployment solutions, HR Workplace is offered as part of UST's Trust and Secure products at no additional cost.)

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"In practice, how many payables transform into literal assets? UST builds financial assets, provides tremendous HR support, and offers incredible thought leadership related to employment matters. As a CEO, I would find it difficult to replace the value that UST brings to our organization."— Karen Beavor, President & CEO, Georgia Center for Nonprofits

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